GenPsych Select welcomes the opportunity to give you elite care at your personal convenience in the privacy of your home.

GenPsych Select is an integrative service that offers help to individuals struggling with a variety of mental health concerns. Adults dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other common mood disorders can receive support, guidance, treatment, and education in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We help you learn the skills you need to manage your symptoms, gain control, and cope with the daily stressors in your life.

Services are rooted in a wholistic approach acknowledging that the client is the leading authority in the management of their respective life roles. Our providers assist our clients in processing and learning to cope with a range of mood disorder symptoms, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, and creating new effective thought patterns that enhance healing, self-acceptance and resilience. Clients will learn; stress management, effective communication, anger management, improving self-esteem/self-reliance, relaxation techniques, relationship dynamics, and mood management.

Among our many empirically based modalities, GenPsych Select providers offer skills using dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. Our providers are highly trained in their respective specialties and are eager to help you learn the skills needed to improve your wellness. Our multi-disciplinary approach offers a comprehensive treatment planning system that will guide you in your success of your future goals.

In alignment the with best practices for your wellness, GenPsych Select offers the option for a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation prior to the start of your therapy to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for optimal benefits. Urine screens are required to monitor treatment efficiency, medication safety and will be requested during initial evaluation and may be required subsequently as clinically indicated. In the end, should you want to end services or no longer require treatment, GenPsych Select providers will offer you psychiatric and psychotherapy referrals you need to ensure your continued care and maintain your renewed wellness.