“To know and not to do is not yet to know” ~Laozi

Invest with the first step: evaluation. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is completed during the first session with a patient. This evaluation includes a conversation about the client’s past and current medical history, past episodes and treatment, past medication trials and outcomes, a comprehensive psychosocial assessment including developmental history, family history, social, educational and occupational functioning.

The goal of this thorough evaluation is a diagnostic impression. Once properly diagnosed treatment is prescribed. Recommendations will be made to include but are not limited to; therapeutic modalities such as group or individual therapy, lifestyle recommendations, nutritional counseling and pharmacological interventions. If medications are prescribed (pharmacological interventions) all proceeding session maybe termed medication management appointments. This includes evaluation

of adherence and response to medication, monitoring of symptoms as well as at times blood work, assessment of any side effects adverse effects and desired effects. It includes collaborative decisions to continue medication as prescribed or make changes and provision of refills. In the end, should you want to end services or no longer require treatment, GenPsych Select providers will offer you psychiatric and psychotherapy referrals you need to ensure your continued care and maintain your renewed wellness.